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Artist Statement

There is something exciting about taking a blank and turning it into something of my own; To put my thoughts, ideas and inspirations on a canvas. Since early childhood I've enjoyed the freedom to create; to let my mind and my fingers wander. For me, art is a journey with an unpredictable destination, a place to let go and let be, and a place to feel at peace. 

I am inspired by my surroundings. If find the beauty of the moment or observation and present this in my art. Creating multiple layers with paint, fabrics, and paper, allows me to express different ideas. I feel free to add pencil, ink, pastels, charcoal and lots of water. There is no limit to the flows, colours and patterns. I remain innovative and open-minded. I combine and compose until I feel the artwork is in balance.

My works are a result of my family's endeavours. It takes our whole household's effort to be able to produce new works of art. From photography missions my husband takes on, to my children's encouraging words of enthusiasm, and helping out with household chores. I am grateful for their support in letting me express my creativity. 


Joze painting - 1.jpeg

Always dreaming, always imagining, always composing. The mind of an artist never lies still. Joze is an Edmonton based mixed media artist, a wife, a mother of three, a Registered Nurse, and a continuing work in progress. 

Born in the Netherlands, Joze was inspired by her artistic mother. Creative projects took over the majority of her childhood time. Pencils, crayons, paint, glue, paper, fabrics and scissors, there were no limits to what these materials could create. 

Although she always dreamt of working as an artist, as a young adult she decided to pursue a more "dependable" career path. After 10 years of a dry spell with other priorities on the go, Joze finally decided to answer her artistic calling. 

Fully motivated, Joze started taking a more serious approach in pursuing her art career.  Joze began gaining professional instruction and taking art workshops of interest. In 2013, for the first time, Joze participated in art shows. Since then Joze has had the opportunity to display her art in numerous juried exhibitions, has recently had her first gallery showing, and has acquired art collectors locally as well as internationally. Joze lives and works in Edmonton, Alberta. 

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