Cover up in style!

I have created these for my own kids and am now sharing them with you! I love the quality of the shirt and the kids love the comfort. It has a unique design with a print of an original artwork that I have created. The painting on this shirt is titled “Stan”, an image of a horse that belonged to a dear friend of mine.

This unique rash guard helps protect your kiddos from the elements. Its sun-protective fabric and long body and sleeves make it perfect for running around on the beach, or just being active outdoors. We use it for splash parks, bike rides, horse riding, kayaking etc. I hope you and your little ones will enjoy this product as much as we do.

A bit about me as an artist: My name is Joze Olvera, I am an Edmonton based mixed media artist. I work with a mix of multi layering techniques, photography, and photograph transfers. I love textures and patterns and incorporate these into my work. The layering of these mediums allows for a rich and imaginative interpretation of the scenery or